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TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children
Posted on Sunday, August 11 @ 09:56:26 BST by jim
w00t! ic0n0 writes:
WATCHING lots of violence on television and playing violent video games not only makes kids more physically aggressive - it also makes them meaner and more distrustful, according to a study.

The findings add to research linking violence in the media with violent behaviour in children and adults, said David Walsh, co-author of the US-based study and head of the National Institute on Media and the Family.

The report found a correlation between exposure to high levels of TV or video game violence and "relational aggression" - behaviour including name-calling, threats and rumour-mongering.

In addition these same children were more likely to view others with the most suspicion, the study said.

"Long before kids throw a punch or pick up a weapon, they're probably treating kids in a relationally aggressive way," Mr Walsh said.

"This is the kind of thing that becomes the breeding ground for more overtly violent behaviour as these kids get older."

The youngsters filled out surveys of their TV viewing and video game habits, and were evaluated by their own teachers and peers in terms of how well they got along with others.

They also took a test to rate their levels of trust and suspicion. Children rated the most ill-behaved reported more exposure to media violence.

The Daily Telegraph

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Holy shit this is the gayest thing ever!!

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by DRUFER on Sunday, August 11 @ 10:12:40 BST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by Necromancer on Sunday, August 11 @ 13:23:26 BST
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haha what complete bollox. of course it raises your aggresion levels because computer games in general get you excited and agitated. but then so did playing games like cops and robbers a s a kid. and they were using guns you could actually touch. how many scapegoats do parents want before they start accepting the fact that it's their fault they brought up a sociopathic killer.

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by CatKnight on Sunday, August 11 @ 13:27:56 BST
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maybe kids who watch more TV are more sociopathic because there is a correlation between watching more TV and getting less attention from parents? hmmmmmm??? stupid tv bashers.

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by Darth Liberus on Sunday, August 11 @ 13:51:46 BST
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Two big problems with this "study":

1. They lumped together video games and television, which are two entirely different forms of entertainment. One is very passive and requires you to switch off your brain. The other is very active and requires you to observe and strategize. Apples and oranges.

2. It relied on self-reporting, which is a notoriously unscientific way to do things.

From personal observation, I'd have to agree that watching a lot of TV *does* make kids more aggressive, suspicious, distrustful, and manipulative - since it makes adults the same way. I watch *very* little TV (maybe an hour a month; who needs it when you have a PC?) and can definately tell the difference between watchers and readers - the watchers think the whole world is like Survivor, the readers are a lot more down to earth.

Funny thing that I've noticed about video games, even the violent ones, is that they seem to make people LESS aggressive and more thoughtful. Part of it, I think, is that video games teach you a lot about discretion, and part of that is that you learn that winning is the boring part. It's playing that kicks ass. Now go frag those lam0r campers!

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by TheTaxMan ( on Sunday, August 11 @ 17:13:08 BST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://
Just like Marilyn Manson caused the Columbine disaster...

Such utter shit.

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by Drunx0r on Thursday, August 15 @ 01:27:40 BST
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Maybe the kids were already more aggressive to begin with, therefore they choose to watch more aggressive Tv and do more aggressive things.

Someone needs to do a report on how people who do studies make up results more often than people who don't do reports.

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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by joelthegreat on Friday, August 16 @ 06:44:02 BST
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Hmmm...lets see, how about if we get involved with what our children are doing and talk to them about things so they understand that being violent is wrong...oh wait, that would require you to get off your ass. So lets just blame the industry that puts out the stuff we use to babysit our children cause we're to lazy...good call.

I am not parking my child in front of a tv to babysit. I will let him/her watch tv, with supervision and explanation where needed. Same with Vid games. When they are old enough to understand I will give them more freedom on what they do.

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lewis (Score: 1)
by vacheron on Wednesday, October 13 @ 09:04:15 BST
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rupert (Score: 1)
by vacheron on Saturday, October 16 @ 19:25:40 BST
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Bailey (Score: 1)
by vacheron on Saturday, October 16 @ 21:59:46 BST
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Nathaniel (Score: 1)
by vacheron on Monday, November 01 @ 20:25:54 GMT
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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by teragold on Friday, February 11 @ 07:09:05 GMT
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Sarkozy accused Gypsies deported back again to their exterior (Score: 1)
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warren (Score: 1)
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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
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Re: TV breeding 'mean, distrustful' children (Score: 1)
by ququ2010 on Thursday, October 06 @ 03:52:43 BST
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