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Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments...
Posted on Wednesday, November 20 @ 10:36:35 UTC by waltre
Your average militant may be violent, bloodthirsty and lack the basic morals needed to function in an orderly society, but damn they know how to punish a junkie.

In this article [] their punishment techniques for being caught with herion In North-Eastern India, vary between putting addicts into cages in the center of town and rubbing them with itchy herbs, and simply executing them (the "Texas method").

"The penalty for traffickers and drug users are weird. At times they go to extreme lengths. It all depends on the militant group's punishment guidelines."

But I guess just killing people for using drugs will be a little more effective in swaying crime than using metaphors and eggs...

The article goes on to mention: "In Meghalaya, the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) makes addicts and peddlers kneel in town squares from dawn till dusk." and:

"a padlock is pierced through the earlobes and the key is handed over to a village elder, who cannot give away the key until the person promises never to touch drugs again."

These areas border the golden triangle, so a herion problem is only natural. It does pose an interesting human rights question: these are the guys that bring smack to your back door, do you really think Amnesty International is gonna fight for these guys lives?

In any case, we don't have to kill them (except in Texas) but whay aren't we branching out and trying alternative methods of punishment for drug pushers?...

oh yeh, conservatives...

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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
by Darth Liberus on Thursday, November 21 @ 00:16:29 UTC
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***** the pushers, let's work on the demand side.

very few people *want* to be addicts.

That's why forced drug rehab works a lot better than jail time.

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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
by waltre on Thursday, November 21 @ 06:36:13 UTC
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I agree with rehab for addicts as an alternative for jail, but if they are taking a stronger stance on drug pushers in the region of Northern India/Golden Triangle, it can only have positive effects on Western imports (addicts), even if those effects are tiny.

I did say that we should try alternatives for 'pushers'...but that was a booboo on my part, I meant users.


Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
by CaptainEO on Friday, November 22 @ 11:27:44 UTC
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Dammit, if people want to do drugs, let them.

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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
by waltre on Saturday, November 23 @ 07:30:09 UTC
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hrmph, do you have kids?

I don't, but I got a little brother who's friends taste smack (h) from time to time. I hate the fact that he may very well follow them down that road.


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by vacheron on Sunday, October 17 @ 00:06:21 UTC
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
by sadlock on Tuesday, November 23 @ 06:18:58 UTC
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
by shenseoo on Thursday, August 18 @ 06:48:24 UTC
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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Re: Those Whacky Militants And Their Punishments... (Score: 1)
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