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 Covid-19 etc
 Star Wars.... was shit - Spoilers (as in ALL of them)
 This linux shit again.
 1 year ago on April 29th
 Two days and our dictator shows his obvious spots.
 The Last Jedi...spoilers within
 A Dark Disquiet of the Soul
 We are all the generation that watched this unfold.
 The Mandalorian
 Thesis DefenCe
 Wiley, how is the Dyson doing?
 Song for a funeral?
 Why do I have CDs with this on?
 My car is fast!
 On a wing and a *prayer*
 Interesting Map
 Surviving Edged Weapons
 How to correctly pick up stuff
 Limey Truck
 Deadpool 2

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Thanks for internetting with LHD, where quality is job #1. "


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by Kevin on Friday, June 10 @ 09:56:04 BST
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Lebron James Headphones if the sound does not use the magic number of celebrity endorsements offensive, then for a long Purple Monster Headphones of time, maybe he still is just a preparation of enthusiasts and professionals well-known brand of wire, but now, through a series of popular and fashion as well as co-publicity Now he do not need to be through the traditional Best Headphones to carry forward its own brand, and go to Baidu and Google search on it, the "Noise Headphones wore headphones askew," the problem can be out at least several dozen pages. We believe that the rise of the magic sound of the other now do you want headphones or earbuds into the line of potential manufacturers and made a Beats Studio head and told you would happen to the brand can make their own rapid growth, of course, are based on absolute under the premise of quality beats by dr dre.

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