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 Anyone know what happened to personguy?
 I miss you cunts
 1 year ago on April 29th
 Holy shit my login still works
 Wolfguard... You alive?
 And when the world needed him most....
 2023 outage
 Happy New Year
 Today was a good day.
 Nine Inch Nails
 Covid-19 etc
 I remember Incubus thinking this guy was a douche...
 S T O N K S
 How not to die.
 This linux shit again.
 Star Wars.... was shit - Spoilers (as in ALL of them)
 Two days and our dictator shows his obvious spots.
 The Last Jedi...spoilers within
 A Dark Disquiet of the Soul

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Holy shit this is the gayest thing ever!!
Posted by jon on Thursday, April 06 @ 23:14:01 BST (51193 reads)
w00t! joelthegreat writes:
Joel Runs a st00pid website that is ghey!!

You can make fun of him for it too!!!


DL told me to do it.

W00t! free advertisement
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The Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World!
Posted by just_dave on Thursday, July 31 @ 23:05:53 BST (18891 reads)
w00t! Hey WolfGuard!!!

The Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine is the most powerful and most efficient prime-mover in the world today. The Aioi Works of Japan's Diesel United, Ltd built the first engines and is where some of these pictures were taken.

It is available in 6 through 14 cylinder versions, all are inline engines. These engines were designed primarily for very large container ships. Ship owners like a single engine/single propeller design and the new generation of larger container ships needed a bigger engine to propel them.

The cylinder bore is just under 38" and the stroke is just over 98". Each cylinder displaces 111,143 cubic inches (1820 liters) and produces 7780 horsepower. Total displacement comes out to 1,556,002 cubic inches (25,480 liters) for the fourteen cylinder version.

Some facts on the 14 cylinder version: Total engine weight: 2300 tons (The crankshaft alone weighs 300 tons.) Length: 89 feet Height: 44 feet Maximum power: 108,920 hp at 102 rpm Maximum torque: 5,608,312 lb/ft at 102rpm

Even at it's most efficient power setting, the big 14 consumes 1,660 gallons of heavy fuel oil per hour.

link inside

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Aircraft Carrier Not For Sale. As New. Not Cheap.
Posted by just_dave on Saturday, July 12 @ 19:49:47 BST (11838 reads)

The USS Reagan was commissioned today, penultimate of an illustrious line of Nimitz-class nuclear supercarriers.

Other than issuing the order to man the ship as part of the commissioning ceremony, Nancy Reagan, who turned 82 on Sunday, did not speak, though she drew a standing ovation from the crowd when she was introduced. This is the first time a carrier has been named after a living president, although Reagan will probably never understand it. Alzheimer's and all that.

Two years ago, when the ship was christened before final completion, she broke the traditional bottle of sparkling wine over the bow, as President Bush looked on.

The carrier, built by a division of Northrop Grumman in nearby Newport News, Virginia, will replace the USS Constellation, which is being decommissioned after returning from service in the Iraq war.

The ship is almost 1,100 feet long and rises 20 stories above the water, with a flight deck covering 4.5 acres. Design work on the ship began in 1995, and the keel was laid in 1998.

The USS Ronald Reagan is the ninth Nimitz class carrier built for the Navy since 1975. Cheney noted that four of those ships were built as part of Reagan's military buildup.

photos inside...

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Frozen Stars: Black holes may not be bottomless pits after all
Posted by adminn on Wednesday, July 09 @ 20:08:45 BST (20269 reads)
w00t! Demolishing stars, powering blasts of high-energy radiation, rending the fabric of spacetime: it is not hard to see the allure of black holes. They light up the same parts of the brain as monster trucks and battlebots do. They explain violent celestial phenomena that no other body can. They are so extreme, in fact, that no one really knows what they are.

Most researchers think of them as microscopic pinpricks, the remnants of stars that have collapsed under their own weight. But over the past couple of years, a number of mavericks have proposed that black holes are actually extended bodies, made up of an exotic state of matter that congeals, like a liquid turning to ice, during the collapse. The idea offers a provocative way of thinking about quantum gravity, which would unify Einstein's general theory of relativity with quantum mechanics.

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Hypersonic Spaceplane Demo Considered!
Posted by just_dave on Monday, June 16 @ 11:37:47 BST (10845 reads)

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is exploring whether to pursue development of a hypersonic, reusable aircraft that could "skip" along the atmosphere and deliver military payloads anywhere in the world within about 2 hr.

LLNL's HyperSoar concept has attracted interest among USAF space officials.

The idea itself isn't new; aerospace engineers for years have harbored the notion that skipping along the atmosphere would be an efficient method to traverse great distances. But after years of mulling the concept, Darpa appears ready to take the concept off the drawing board toward a demonstrable capability, called HyperSoar.

Darpa Director Anthony J. Tether said the aircraft would travel at a speed of around 6,700 mph., or Mach 10, and operate primarily at altitudes of 115,000-200,000 ft. After climb-out, the aircraft would travel along a sine-wave flight path, with the propulsion system engaging when HyperSoar is at about 115,000 ft.--the skip altitude--to boost the aircraft back to 200,000 ft. before repeating the cycle. During a skip, the aircraft would be exposed to about 1.5g, Tether said, with a skip required about every 400 km.

more inside...

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Psst! Wanna Buy A Satellite?
Posted by just_dave on Wednesday, June 04 @ 17:27:17 BST (16018 reads)

SAN FRANCISCO, California (Reuters) -- For sale: what might be one of the Soviet Sputnik satellites that ushered in the Space Age and sparked a frenzied competition that soon led to the launch of the first man into orbit.

As with so many things Russian, the sale, offered online by and eBay Inc. for a starting auction price of $25,000, presents a riddle wrapped in a mystery, for no one is able to say how many authentic Sputniks actually exist.

The Soviet Union launched the original Sputnik, a shiny metallic orb with four antennas streaking from the side, in 1957, setting off a panic in the United States, which feared it was falling behind its Cold War rival.

Amid the secrecy that prevailed at the time, Moscow made several back-up models, and since the fall of the Soviet Union, some of these have landed in the hands of their former adversary on very capitalist terms.

More inside

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Canada Moves to Ease Marijuana Possession Law
Posted by adminn on Tuesday, May 27 @ 12:15:07 BST (17509 reads)
w00t! TORONTO, May 27 — The Canadian government introduced legislation today to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana but set stricter penalties for those apprehended for trafficking the drug. After more than a year of internal debate on how to change marijuana laws, the form the legislation took was a compromise between those in the cabinet who see the drug as a minor nuisance and those who fear that anything approaching legalization would increase use by young people.  


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Matrix Reloaded #2 Debut EvAR!
Posted by just_dave on Sunday, May 18 @ 12:19:59 BST (15088 reads)

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- The sci-fi thriller "The Matrix Reloaded" sold $93.3 million worth of tickets in its first weekend of release across North America -- the No. 2 debut of all time behind "Spider-Man," according to studio estimates issued Sunday.

"Spider-Man" opened with $115 million in 2002. The previous No. 2 slot was held by 2001's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" with $90.3 million.

While most movies open on a Friday in North America, "The Matrix Reloaded" opened on Thursday, preceded by late screenings on Wednesday. Its distributor, Warner Bros. Pictures., lumped in Wednesday receipts -- estimated by industry observers at about $5 million -- with the Thursday haul of $42.5 million.

Warner Bros. produced the films with Village Roadshow Pictures, a unit of Australia's Village Roadshow Ltd. The second and third movies were reportedly budgeted at about $175 million each.

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The Enterprise Returns!
Posted by just_dave on Monday, May 12 @ 18:50:54 BST (15602 reads)

Northrop Grumman Successfully Redelivers USS Enterprise (CVN 65)

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., May 12, 2003 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) announced today that its Newport News sector has successfully redelivered the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN 65), to the U.S. Navy after an Extended Drydock Selected Restricted Availability (EDSRA). The redelivery took place May 7 after successful sea trials.

"This accomplishment is the result of a lot of hard work by the shipbuilders of Northrop Grumman Newport News and by the Navy," said Bob Gunter, senior vice president, Aircraft Carrier Programs, Northrop Grumman Newport News. "We've pulled together as a team to get this ship back into the fleet where it will continue to protect and serve our nation."

Work during the EDSRA included routine dry dock work, tank blasting and coating, hull preservation, propulsion and ship system repairs and limited enhancements to various hull, mechanical and electrical systems.

Everyone serving aboard Enterprise is thrilled to be back at sea," said Capt. Eric Neidlinger, Enterprise's commanding officer. "Sixteen months of long, hard work by the dedicated professionals of Northrop Grumman Newport News, Norfolk Naval Shipyard and ship's force personnel find Enterprise in her best condition in decades. Thanks to all those who put in the long hours during this shipyard period, Enterprise heads to sea ready to take its place at the vanguard of America's defense."

Enterprise was launched at Newport News in 1960 and has been defending the United States for more than 41 years. The ship and its battle group were most recently deployed in the Middle East as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Enterprise is 1,101 feet 2 inches with a flight deck width of 252 feet and a displacement of 89,600 tons. It can travel in excess of 30 knots. (I've heard that it can hit 40 knots/fw)

More inside
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New hidden danger for male pr0nstars
Posted by adminn on Wednesday, May 07 @ 22:37:28 BST (39906 reads)
w00t! A recent channel 4 documentary has managed to uncover a very well hidden and yet highly dangerous secret from the porn industry. The show titled "Death and Sex" was shown on a late night broadcast but has yet to meet much coverage from the mass media. The subject of the programme dealt with the hidden dangers to "actors" in the industry caused by the unnatural stresses put on the male body during filming. A doctor was quoted from the show to say "whilst in the real world the average man is allowed to engage in sexual practice in a relatively relaxed environment the male porn star has to on many occasion force himself to only ejaculate at certain times and also often repeatedly within a space of a few minutes to meet the directors requirements" The biggest concern and also something which brought about a profoundly shocking revalation was the case where some males have been unable to keep control during excitement and have thus stayed ejaculating through reflex and in a most cases this has caused death. It is feared that with todays methods of curing such ailments as impotance with drugs to force the body to respond sexually that this tragic disease could spread to the mass public. warning this is not safe for work!
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Governor looks to unmask wrestler
Posted by adminn on Tuesday, April 15 @ 15:39:27 BST (9542 reads)

MORIOKA, Iwate Pref. (Kyodo) Iwate Gov. Hiroya Masuda voiced displeasure Monday that a professional wrestler who was elected to the prefectural assembly plans to wear his mask during assembly proceedings.


News photo
The Great Sasuke

The Great Sasuke, a 33-year-old wrestler whose real name is Masanori Murakawa, topped the vote count in the Morioka district in Sunday's prefectural assembly election.

He vowed to continue wearing his mask while fulfilling his duties as a member of the assembly.

"This is my face," he declared. "I have no intention of taking the mask off."

Masuda was elected to his third term Sunday.

"I'm sure it's a matter of opinion, but I think he should take the mask off," Masuda said. "Politicians make painful decisions, and also express joy, and voters look at their faces and decide (whether they accept those actions). Voters should be allowed to see a politician's facial expressions."

Twelve people were vying for the 10 assembly seats allocated to the Morioka district.

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Masked Wrestler Wins Japan Assembly Seat
Posted by adminn on Monday, April 14 @ 08:28:16 BST (14680 reads)
w00t! TOKYO (Reuters) - Who is that masked man? One of Japan's newest politicians.

A professional wrestler who fought his way to victory in local assembly elections under his ring name and wearing his trademark mask has vowed the mask will not leave his face even after he enters the staid halls of Japanese politics.

"This is my face," the wrestler -- known as "The Great Sasuke" -- was quoted by the Nikkan Sports newspaper as saying of his black and white full-face mask with bright scarlet streaks and golden wings by the eye holes.

"I won support from voters with this face, and to take it off would be breaking promises," the 33-year-old wrestler, whose real name is Masanori Murakawa, said of his victory in conservative Iwate prefecture, some 460 km (290 miles) north of Tokyo.

Catching opponents on the back foot to take one of 10 assembly seats, the wrestler said he now hopes to demonstrate his "superabundant power" outside of the ring as well as in it.

Sasuke's vow to go masked into the halls of power in Japan, where battles have been fought in the past over legislators refusing to don neckties, has authorities scratching their heads.

"There is no law specifically forbidding it," one Iwate prefectural official was quoted by Nikkan Sports as saying. "But now that he has won, we must look into the issue."

In a sign, perhaps, that the rough-and-tumble world of politics may prove more bruising than expected, Sasuke was forced to limp his way up to the polling box with one ankle in a cast.

He attributed the injury to stumbling over a curb during the election campaign.

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Adobe Software For DVDs To Arrive!
Posted by just_dave on Monday, March 31 @ 13:19:05 BST (9914 reads)

Adobe to Enter Hot DVD Market With Software!!

Its Encore program lets computer users customize discs by adding menus and links.

Desktop-publishing software maker Adobe Systems Inc. is expanding into the fast-growing DVD market with a new program designed to make it easier to customize the discs on a personal computer.

The maker of the popular Acrobat and Photoshop programs plans to announce today its bid to profit from the DVD boom. The software, called Encore, won't be sold until the summer. Adobe isn't selling a version for Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh.

With a suggested retail price of $549, the Encore software isn't meant for the mass market.

The program promises to create slick DVDs for video entrepreneurs and aficionados, a segment that falls into a cross section sometimes called "prosumers."

With PC-compatible DVD recorders now available for $300 to $500, more people are trying to create their own discs on their computers. The declining prices are one reason the number of DVD recorders in homes and businesses is expected to rise from 6 million in 2002 to 16 million by the end of this year, according to industry research firm IDC.

more inside
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National guardman changed his name to a toy
Posted by adminn on Wednesday, March 19 @ 22:32:45 GMT (18844 reads)
w00t! CUYAHOGA FALLS -- A member of Ohio's 5694th National Guard Unit in Mansfield legally changed his name to a Transformers toy. Optimus Prime is heading out to the Middle East with his guard unit on Wednesday to provide fire protection for airfields under combat

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Personal fiber optic connection, same price as cable!
Posted by Beldurin on Wednesday, March 12 @ 07:00:06 GMT (13897 reads)
w00t! raid3n writes:

The ISP Donobi is now offering an unlimited 100Mbps fiber optic connection for personal use, at 39.99 a month!

Right now, this package is only available in Mason County, WA.

More inside...
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