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 I miss you cunts
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Brkn Kybords
Posted by jon on Thursday, April 06 @ 23:13:39 BST (33944 reads)
In the News jiggyfresh writes:
The Z key broke off my laptop's keyboard a few days ago. It doesn't really bother me though. I find that I don't use the key that often in the first place. I think the younger kids use it a lot more then I do and if it happened to them, they would either 1) be pissed off or 2) learn to use english more good. Now I'm not the most best grammer speaking guy in the first place but I also dont race carzzz and lolzzzz whenz imz in the hizzzzouse. Anyway, the point of the story is that I tryed to put the key back on and ended up breaking it even further, so now I must resort to using superglue. Craappthekeysdzaree all stucck toigethewer now. Ok so I accidently spilled glue on the keyboard and the keys wont move anymore, so I just had to hook up an external keyboard which is probably better in the long run because I think that laptop keyboard was starting to give me carpul tunnel syndrome. Now all I need is an external mouse and a monitor and a docking station. I forgot to mention the battery on the laptop doesnt work so I have to keep it plugged into the wall anytime. So its not really a laptop although I can keep it on my lap, it usally just sits on my bed. It does have a wireless card though. The important thing is that I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time...
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Asia takes bukkake to a WHOLE new level!
Posted by just_dave on Thursday, January 29 @ 22:09:40 GMT (69572 reads)
In the News Dark Knight Bob writes:
A dead sperm whale being transported through Tainan City on its way to a research station suddenly exploded yesterday, splattering cars and shops with blood and guts.
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Posted by just_dave on Sunday, December 14 @ 12:07:00 GMT (12203 reads)
In the News PersonGuy writes:

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Without firing a single shot, U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein (search) as he hid in the bottom of a hole in a home near Tikrit, officials announced Sunday at a Baghdad press conference.

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More Than 500 Infected By 'Hepatitis A'
Posted by just_dave on Sunday, November 16 @ 10:42:25 GMT (10366 reads)
In the News Wolfguard writes:
More Than 500 Infected By 'Hepatitis A'

The number of people infected in a "Hepatitis A" outbreak linked to a western Pennsylvania restaurant has exceeded 500 and is likely to continue rising for another week.
Three people infected with the virus have died, and thousands have lined up for inoculations since the outbreak was reported in early November among people who ate at a Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant.

A Chi-Chi's executive said the company has adopted "extraordinary measures" companywide, including sickness logs for employees and asking workers to sign "wellness statements" asserting they are not ill, in an effort to prevent similar outbreaks elsewhere.

As of Saturday, 510 cases of "Hepatitis A" had been confirmed in the outbreak.
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America Remembers Its Veterans
Posted by just_dave on Tuesday, November 11 @ 13:02:57 GMT (14725 reads)
In the News Wolfguard writes:
Today, the country pauses to remember those who have served in uniform -- and especially those who have given their lives in the name of freedom. It's Veterans' Day, and parades and ceremonies are scheduled throughout the country today in a tribute to American veterans.

It used to be called "Armistice Day" to honor the veterans of World War I. It was started 84 years ago by President Woodrow Wilson on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of World War I.

Now it is called Veterans' Day. President Bush is leading the nation in the annual tribute, laying a weath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetary.

and by the way. You're welcome.
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PC Users Sue Over Hard Drive Size
Posted by just_dave on Saturday, September 20 @ 00:00:00 BST (12437 reads)
In the News A story on The Register says that there are a group of US PC users looking to sue some of the big name companies of computer manufacture. More Inside....
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Sammy Bull Backing His Old Crew
Posted by just_dave on Saturday, September 20 @ 09:38:00 BST (14875 reads)
In the News Sammy Bull is back – and this time he’ll be swinging a bat for John Gotti’s old team again. Salvatore Gravano, who became a superstar witness for the prosecution, has been quietly returned to an undisclosed New York area prison to prepare for his first stint as a defense witness for the mob, Gang Land has learned. More Inside...
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Phun with Phusion!
Posted by just_dave on Wednesday, September 17 @ 13:58:04 BST (12666 reads)
In the News Jynx writes:
As seen on Slashdot:

A widespread belief among physicists nowadays is that modern science requires squadrons of scientists and wildly expensive equipment.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News Craig Wallace and Philo T. Farnsworth are putting the lie to all that.

Wallace, a baby-faced tennis player fresh out of Spanish Fork High School, had almost the entire physics faculty of Utah State University hovering (and arguing) over an apparatus he had cobbled together from parts salvaged from junk yards and charity drops.

The apparatus is nothing less than the sine qua non of modern science: a nuclear fusion reactor, based on the plans of Utah's own Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of television.

More inside...
(Read More... | 1432 bytes more | 31 comments | Score: 0)

Universal To Cut CD Prices
Posted by jon on Friday, September 05 @ 18:17:19 BST (20044 reads)
In the News That's right... one of the RIAA's member companies has finally gotten a clue and realized that people steal music because it costs too fucking much.

The Register, as usual, has the most biting take on this amazing turn of events.

Next up: George Bush admits Iraq invasion "was probably a mistake kind of thing."

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Disney's Deathland Claims Another Victim
Posted by jon on Friday, September 05 @ 15:47:06 BST (13980 reads)
In the News
Locomotive breaks loose from roller coaster at Disneyland

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A locomotive broke loose from a train on Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster Friday, killing a man and injuring 10 other riders, officials said.

The accident took place inside a tunnel section of the ride, but exactly what happened was unclear, police said.

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Whale flatulence stuns scientists
Posted by adminn on Friday, August 15 @ 01:33:16 BST (9393 reads)
In the News

IT'S one of the unfortunate consequences of being a mammal - flatulence.

And, more unfortunately for a group of whale researchers, nature took its course right under their noses - literally.



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Police Chase Man On Motorized Barstool!
Posted by just_dave on Wednesday, August 13 @ 22:35:10 BST (11849 reads)
In the News Police Chase Man On Motorized Barstool!

In Reno Nevada police pulled over a man on a barstool after a slow speed pursuit on one of Reno's busier streets.
It started Monday when an officer saw a man riding the motorized stool at 35 mph. He was being followed closely by a woman in a Mustang.
The woman told police she had been on the phone with a dispatcher reporting the bar stool stolen.
The owner of the bar stool confirmed that the stool,powered by a small engine,had been taken three weeks earlier.
The man caught on the stool, said that he had bought it a little over a week ago, thinking it was a toy and added that he had driven it between Reno and nearby Sparks several times. Police estimate its value at over $1,000.
The man caught on the stool faces Reno charges of possession of stolen property,possession of drug paraphernalia and numerous traffic violations.


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Community warned: breeding birds may get aggressive
Posted by adminn on Friday, August 08 @ 03:03:45 BST (15412 reads)
In the News Community warned: breeding birds may get aggressive!

Tasmanian conservationists are urging people to tolerate the often aggressive behaviour of masked lapwings during their short breeding season.

The birds, commonly known as plovers, nest on the ground and might attack if their eggs or chicks are approached.

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust says the breeding season lasts from late winter to early spring.

Plovers are a protected native species and fines of up to $10,000 can be enforced if they are harmed deliberately.

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Japan to send troops to Iraq
Posted by adminn on Saturday, July 26 @ 00:39:02 BST (9841 reads)
In the News The Japanese parliament has approved plans to send ground troops to Iraq to assist in post-war reconstruction.

The legislation provides the legal basis for the largest foreign deployment for Japan's armed forces since World War II, which has angered some critics.

Opposition parties objected to the plan on the grounds that it would breach the Japanese constitution, which prohibits military forces from being used for purposes other than defense.

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Star Wars Kid Sues.
Posted by adminn on Thursday, July 24 @ 08:29:19 BST (16724 reads)
In the News So weve all seen the fat dude swiging a golf-ball retriver as a lightsaber right?

now, his parents are suing

More inside
(Read More... | 1221 bytes more | 29 comments | Score: 0)

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