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 1 year ago on April 29th
 Anyone know what happened to personguy?
 I miss you cunts
 Holy shit my login still works
 Wolfguard... You alive?
 And when the world needed him most....
 2023 outage
 Happy New Year
 Today was a good day.
 Nine Inch Nails
 Covid-19 etc
 I remember Incubus thinking this guy was a douche...
 S T O N K S
 How not to die.
 This linux shit again.
 Star Wars.... was shit - Spoilers (as in ALL of them)
 Two days and our dictator shows his obvious spots.
 The Last Jedi...spoilers within
 A Dark Disquiet of the Soul

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Re: Someone set us up the bomb! (Score: 1)
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