Someone set us up the bomb!
Date: Sunday, November 19 @ 23:43:30 GMT

We're back on the air. Possibly temporarily. Read the full story for the lowdown.

So, as you may have noticed, detnet has been down for a week. This is because the server it is hosted on had a hardware fault (the CPU fan died we think). I moved to Ireland a year ago (though, I'm moving back...) so having the server in a different country from me is a bit of a pain in the nads to remotely fix... Anyway, because of the nature of the problem, we would bring the machine back up, then it would die before anything could be done. Right now, the server has its case off, but also remote hands dusted the fan, it was kind of gummed up. So, we're back for now, but might go away again. I'm working on getting some monitoring in place to work out exactly what is wrong. Futures: I am working on remote DB backup and some other bits, when I start my new job I will also likely have access to another machine, meaning that we will be able to fail over should this happen again. Anyway, sorry guys, the problem was compounded by getting what you pay for, meaning that I am currently getting this hosting for free (the machine is mine, in a mates rack using his bandwidth). Laters, incubus.

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