Sammy Bull Backing His Old Crew
Date: Saturday, September 20 @ 09:38:00 BST
Topic: In the News

Sammy Bull is back – and this time he’ll be swinging a bat for John Gotti’s old team again. Salvatore Gravano, who became a superstar witness for the prosecution, has been quietly returned to an undisclosed New York area prison to prepare for his first stint as a defense witness for the mob, Gang Land has learned. More Inside...

In a bizarre turnabout, Gravano, who helped sink Mafia boss John Gotti and dozens of his troops and whom Peter Gotti allegedly targeted for death as payback, has agreed to testify for a Gambino soldier charged with plotting to kill him three years ago. Gravano’s prosecution star faded after he was nailed for dealing drugs in February 2000, drawing a sentence of 20 years. But Gravano was recently interviewed by lawyers for Thomas (Huck) Carbonaro, a pal from Sammy Bull’s mob days charged with accepting an assignment to avenge the family by rubbing out The Bull. According to court papers filed by Carbonaro’s attorneys, Gravano – showing he has no hard feelings – has agreed to appear as a witness for his old friend. Full Story...

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