DetNet To be..
Date: Tuesday, August 19 @ 18:32:15 BST

As you may know, I am now considered owner of DetNet, well my name is on the registar. There has been decided to make a collective of all the people that have put forth technical work into this site.

As if right now your admins are DL, Wiley, Incubus, and Just_Dave. I will be speaking for the group, but all site changes and all things will be brought up by these and dicussed. Come to me with your questions not them. Remember they help keep it running, whether is running shitty or not its still your DetNet they keep up.

I took DetNet to keep it alive. Thats what we will try and do. .. more inside

DetNet will be getting a new server soon, and that will be l33t. I must go ahead and give props and thanks to the guys behind the scenes. I think this is going to work out. At no time do I think DetNet will slip off as some pay site or anything. If I or one of the collective decide to move on, someone will be brought in to replace the person. If I get tired of DetNet the domain will be passed on to someone that cares and wants to keep it alive, with a very strict set of guidelines.

But its here to stay for now... more news on the way!

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