Track Team Runs Down Shoplifting Suspect!
Date: Saturday, November 02 @ 15:55:20 UTC
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Teen Turns Over Backpack, Keeps Shoes

WINFIELD, Kan. -- You can run -- but you can't outrun a track team.
That's the lesson an unlucky shoplifting suspect learned the hard way.
The champion Southwestern College men's cross-country team was warming up near a J.C. Penney store in Winfield when a suspected shoplifter literally ran right into them.

The teenager told the runners he wasn't hurt, and got up and ran away.
A moment later, someone from the store told the team the kid was a shoplifter. The guys on the team ran down the suspect, who turned over his backpack.
The catch was that he was was wearing the sneakers he was suspected of stealing.
However, police were able to find the teen based an information they found in the book bag.
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